About us

Why Vitaline ? 

Simply because we consider that the food industry could do a lot better in terms of quality in general.  We consume food of poor quality (too much sugar, salt, fat or processed), which often contains toxic constituents such as pesticides, endocrine disruptors, metals or GMO. Such diets also have devastating environmental consequences. 

Acquiring the knowledge to eat healthy and have a balanced diet can be hard and time consuming. We believe that everyone deserve the best of nutrition without having to spend days reading studies, that's why we created a simple answer to the need of eating better. 

This answer, it's Vitaline : A full, well balanced meal, made of natural and organic ingredients. The formula is based on scientific recommendations to ensure the best nutritional quality. 

You can find more details on our motives in our blog post : Why we make Vitaline.

Vitaline history

Make the best of nutrition accessible? 
Vitaline was founded in 2015 by Alexis and Sebastien, friends since engineering school. Sebastien consumes ready-to-drink meal replacement to save time, but Alexis warns him about their poor nutritional quality. From there, they start thinking about how difficult it is to eat healthy and optimise nutritional intakes. There comes the idea of applying scientific knowledge to these ready-to-drink meals to create de ideal meal. 

Vitaline starts convincing 
They create the first performant mix of ingredient in autumn 2015, through collaboration and skills gathering. Vitaline quickly becomes the major part of their diet. They are now sure of the benefits on their system and decide to start selling. 

The project comes to fruition
The firsts orders are delivered through paris by bike. Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the first clients, Alexis and Sébastien start producing pre-series

03/02/2017: we wrote a more detailed and personal version in our blog:  Our story.

Where are we now ?

February 2017
We are making considerable progress on health benefits, energy, performance , and taste. We are selling the 5th version of Vitaline, and with the increase in sales, we start structuring the company, we keep on improving on quality with a more efficient and better product. 

We move forward thanks to you and your many feedbacks, and the next few months will be crucial for Vitaline and its story. Subscribe to our newsletter and and follow us on social medias to keep in touch and find out more!
Sébastien Worms

Sébastien Worms
Chief Marketing Officer


Alexis Fournier

Alexis Fournier
Chief Operating Officer