Our difference?

Quality and nutritional performance is our DNA.

Vitaline is ready-to-eat foods, super practical and with excellent nutrition; drink or bar, designed with a scientific approach. Our goal is to give you access to quality food at a reasonable price, so that you are always ready!

Diversity of ingredients

It is a consensus among all nutritionists: it is essential to diversify the sources of nutrients . With more than 35 natural and complete ingredients , Vitaline multiplies the conformations of nutrients and thus allows the different metabolic pathways to intervene.

Be at 100% of your abilities

Be at 100% of your abilities

The quantity you want

Excellent nutritional blankets and super healthy nutritional balances to allow your body to be at 100% of its capacity.

Demanding sourcing

Rigorous sourcing for an ambitious approach: to achieve the most efficient formulation possible. The selection made according to the quality of the analyses, the absence of additives, the geographical origin and the organic certification.

Excellent nutritional values

Low sugar content (ex: 7.6g per 400kcal portion of Cocoa), a low glycemic index to smooth blood sugar and limit the insulin peak, contributions in quantity of omega 3... And many others !

Made in France

Better for society thanks to Afiph , better for the environment. With transparent traceability throughout our production chain. Discover our commitments .

Vitaline quality as seen by our customers


Better fast food.

Looking at what is being done on the market, Vitaline is the best alternative: not bad (it's sure it won't taste “cappuchino” like other scams), low in sugar, good food.

Alicia S.
Rennes, France - 04/22/2022

Promise kept

It's been a few months that I consume Vitaline, almost every working lunch. The first time I was surprised by the taste since I had tested other competitors, less concerned about the quality of the recipes and the final benefits, in favor of the taste. I feel perfectly well, I find the value for money excellent. Well done for that. Of course I recommend you.

Florent W.
Verdun, France - 08/12/2021


Really very satisfied with the quality of Vitaline products. Very digestible nutritious drinks, with natural taste and flavours, easy and quick to prepare. Never any lumps

Katya L.
Paris, France - 03/01/2022

Premium quality

Good products in which I have complete confidence. And besides, you can feel it in the taste of their products. No chemical sensation felt and it is frankly pleasant. So I say THANK YOU for having succeeded in the bet of ready meals without all this super transformation that we find everywhere else.

Gerda V.
Valencia, France - 08/12/2021
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