Vitaline: a super healthy solution,
Without the defects of minor products.

"I took minor meals, I felt bad. Vitaline, it's a different approach and I feel good! We do not lose weight aggressively.

But we treat, with healthy products, all these meals that do not work. "

Florence, 37 years old

Vitaline, super healthy and super practical nutrition to optimize your diet simply.

In bottles or bars, we develop a nutrition excellent, until the details, to offer you healthy and practical solutions.

Exceptional nutritional quality

Vitaline uses real food, our products are stained with labels And nutritional profiles are excellent.

No nutrition deficiency over the long term.

Our rigor on sourcing, our pointed formulations make vitaline products The reference in Europe.

A true well-being felt

The taste is natural, without sweetening.

Thanks to a low glycemic indexNo loss of tone after the meal.

The light digestion is brought through sharp formulations.

Practical formats in any situation

As a snack in the office, in class, in a meal, to eat on hiking, traveling: The bottles and bars are practical to take away in any situation.

Vitaline is a different approach.

the true taste ingredients

Conservable up to 1 year

In 200 kcal and 400 kcalEasy to adapt to its daily intakes.

✓ Various uses:
in cold or hot drink, unctuous at bowl or incorporate ingredient with your preparations

Optimize your diet simply.
Order your Starter Pack for 29,99 €

6 bottles and 4 bars with varied tastes to discover the one (s) that suits you.

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