Preparing a Vitaline
it's super simple!
Vitaline can be prepared in several ways: find the one(s) you like!
Bottle ?
Prepare it with us!
▶ here we go!

4 simple steps
for a bottle ready in seconds!

1. Flip over to loosen/air powder

2. Fill to the top

3. Shake upside down

Make sure that the background is well peeled off, if not, shake again!

4. It's ready!

...Yum !
Creamy, hot or cold, in a bowl? 🥣
It is delicious !
▶ We show you!

4 simple steps for a delicious bowl :)

1. Pour the formula at your convenience

2. Add water, hot or cold

Go a little at a time to adjust the consistency.

3. Mix actively with a spoon
to avoid lumps

4. Let's go !

And if you want, add the ingredients that make you happy!

Dried fruits, seeds, herbs… Vitaline is a food with excellent nutrition, do not hesitate to add to it.

Vitaline is also used as an ingredient

Do not hesitate to test Vitaline as a nutritionally excellent base in your other preparations: gratins, pancakes, smoothies...