Meal replacements in 2022

The point in 2022: comparison, slimming, sport and other objectives, etc…
What is a meal replacement?

Meal replacements are a category of foods that offer to replace a complete meal according to certain physical objectives.

There is a wide variety of products sometimes also called: complete nutrition, slimming shake or drink or diet meal…

• Different formats : meal-in-powder or liquid, in bars, in preparations (cookies, cakes, etc.) or even an instant mix (pasta, mashed potatoes, etc.).
• Different objectives: weight loss, sports objective ( stimulant, muscle mass gain…), time saving, nutritional quality…

At Vitaline, we prefer to talk about complete nutrition because we offer start with nutritionally excellent foods, whether eaten for all or part of a meal or as a snack.

Why consume a meal replacement?

For all or part of a meal, meal replacements are often very practical. It's quick to prepare and consume and above all economical: ≃ 1.5€/portion to 3-4€/portion for the top of the range (Vitaline).

Depending on the product, they meet different objectives:
• Low calorie
• High protein
• Convenience
• Nutritional quality ( health)

And is it good?

To taste, it depends...
For health , it depends...
...on the type of products and brand of meal replacement you choose.

Some products are controversial for consumers. additives, sweeteners, the amount of sugar or more generally their glycemic index... There are many different brands and references on the market...
At least there is a choice :)!

At Vitaline, our formulas are rigorously worked to keep the real taste of the ingredients and have excellent nutritional values.

What about Vitaline in all this?

Super practical ready-to-eat foods with excellent nutrition!

• Complete and with unrivaled nutritional profiles
• Best-in-class labels
• Excellent nutrition down to the last detail

Formulas Vitaline are also vegetarian and made with quality ingredients.

Vitaline Daily: 10 different formulas with various flavors to have the choice of excellent nutrition, always ready !

Practical formats in all situations and long shelf life 6 months + : in bottles, sachets and bars to be always ready.

They adopted Vitaline!


Best fast food.

Looking at what is being done on the market, Vitaline is the best alternative: not bad (that's for sure not be “cappuchino” like other scams), low in sugar, good food.

Alicia S.
Rennes, France - 22/04/2022

Perfect for losing weight!

2 Vitalines a day, you eat much less and lose weight effortlessly. It's magic.

Françoise E.
Nanterre, France - 29/05/2022

Promise kept

I have been taking Vitaline for a few months now, almost every working day. The first time I was surprised by the taste since I had tested other competitors, less careful about the quality of the recipes and the final benefits, in favor of the taste. I feel perfectly well, I find the value for money excellent. Well done for that. I recommend you of course.

Florent W.
Verdun, France - 08/12/2021


Really very satisfied with the quality of Vitaline products. Very digestible nutritious drinks, with natural taste and flavours, easy and quick to prepare. No lumps

Katia L.
Paris, France - 03/01/2022

Premium quality

Good products that I have complete confidence in. And besides, you can feel it in the taste of their products. No chemical sensation felt and it is frankly pleasant. So I say THANK YOU for having succeeded in the bet of ready meals without all this super transformation that we find everywhere else.

Gerda V.
Valence, France - 08/12/2021
Finally, practical and excellent nutrition!
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