Produits Vitaline en stock

Out of stock: it's over!

10 weeks out of stock on ~80% of our references… the most difficult situation since the creation of Vitaline on our product availability.
After the acute phase during which we attacked the problem, we have now come out of it: the opportunity to announce a “return to normal” and to briefly explain to you.

First of all: sorry!

Sorry for these orders that have been waiting for far too long!
… And THANK YOU for your loyalty and for the many messages of encouragement you have sent us!

I share with you one that made us very happy, he will recognize himself!
“I understand… and good luck. You make excellent products, impossible to find such nutritious quality elsewhere. I don't know what I would do without you now. Thank you for what you do and never give up!”

We didn't communicate enough: sorry again!
We focused on operations to unblock the situation, and were not able to communicate with you as much as we would have liked. Super sorry.

End of shortages: return to normal with usual delivery times

You can order in peace, everything is back to normal!
The period was therefore difficult on our side, very tight on supplies: rising prices, shortages at many suppliers, exploding delivery times (up to 6 months, etc.), and certain references that our suppliers stop: therefore formulations to be adjusted urgently, with similar ingredients so as not to distort the product.

We experience some unavailability from time to time (it would be too good 😅)… but production has restarted on all the references, the ruptures are the repercussions of over-orders when availability returns .
For example, our refs Almonds, which sell very well on the web and at Monoprix , we made large volumes in the past weeks… But therefore nothing to do with the previous ruptures: we count in days.
We also see Cocoa which is expected to suffer from a ~10 day break, the time for new productions to arrive.

Ok, and where did the problem come from?

These are the same reasons as the entire agri-food sector, what you see in the news affects us: tensions in the supply of raw materials, pressure on the agri-food supply chain...

There is a general drop in stock levels since COVID, a drop in global productions (droughts and wars) and finally by compensation by companies: everyone is looking to raise stock levels, in particular to minimize their risk in the face of the uncertain international geopolitical context (Ukraine). And if wheat and sunflower are the most visible ingredients, there are carryover effects between the ingredients, almost all of them are impacted, even if to varying degrees.

Also, when a supplier has little volume available, he prioritizes his biggest customers (= not Vitaline, we are not yet the size of Nestlé 😅…).

And finally, on a few ingredients we didn't have large stocks in advance in March (supplies already complicated and expensive since COVID...), and wham, with the accumulation of these factors, it's a break huge that we had.

Now, barring a new crisis (knock on wood!...), these ruptures are behind us, we're back to normal work!

If you want to discuss it, see you on our forum 😉 (sorry, in French).