Why we produce vitaline

Well feeding is difficult, impacting and we fail

Well feeding is a major difficulty on a daily basis that strongly impacts our quality of life. Food and health are intrinsically linked. We all spend an important time for buying, preparing and consuming our food. We spend nearly 20% of our disposable income for food1It's the first household spending position in front of the automobile.

And yet, despite the importance of food for our health, time and budget we spend there, we eat badly. It's a fail. Obesity is gaining ground, the prevalence of most cancers increases2, the rate of spermatozoa falls disturbingly for 50 years3We live older but not necessarily healthy and too few people feel energetic and well in their bodies.

Provide effective solutions

The state of nutrition is deplorable while available science would significantly improve the status quo. There is no good reason that we are blocked between feeding quickly but badly, or eat healthy but at the price of strong complications.

We are committed to making efficiency in this deficient sector. Good diet must improve the quality of life being healthy and efficient. Vitaline is the realization of this analysis: ready-to-eat and optimized products.

No marketing or chemical pirouettes, but solutions to the real impact: give ways to express human potential by offering a nutrition solution that brings vitality, health and saving time.
This is our promise: the best of nutrition, simply.

We are on mission to improve life by nutrition

We produce Vitaline to improve life through nutrition.

This is the reason for vitalin, which gives us the energy to fight against the resistance of habits, established beliefs, lobbies. And to accomplish this mission we must build a perennial company.

It is our consumers who will allow us. It's each of us. It's you.