Vitaline Ignite Phase 2

Vitaline Ignite Phase 2 delivered for 13 hours today!

Our developer team products just loops notable improvements for vitaline Ignite. We have just produced a New version Ignite Phase 2 Already integrated with the deliveries of the day! (Bravo Adèle, Alex, Paul and Rodrigue for delivery so fast!)

We launched our Pilot program To develop, as soon as possible and with your customer returns, new innovative products. It is an agile development with which we produce in small quantities directly from our lab. We can take your customer feedback, look for solutions to meet your expectations, validate a new version and deliver it! This agility has allowed us yesterday to arrive at a higher version and start production immediately!

Results : We ship today this Ignite Phase 2, less than a month after the 1st version and less than 24 hours after validation of the formula!

Faced with the success of Phase 1, we have done everything to put in production as soon as possible these improvements marked to you. All our excuses for standby orders since last week, it was to make you enjoy our latest advances!

The consequence of this update of formula on our production line in less than 24 hours is that part of our produced bottles were already labeled "phase 1" (before filling). To produce without waiting for the new labels, we manually modified the labels rated Phase 1 and filled these bottles of Ignite Phase 2. still 48 hours of wings!🚀

What changes between Phase 1 and 2?
👉 Best taste, same performance 👈

  • Attenuation of salt taste By reducing the amount of sodium
  • Decrease of bitterness In particular thanks to coconut milk
  • Taste more fruity thanks to better management of taste equilibrium in general
  • Reinforced organoleptic properties With a more colorful powder (red marked), and always without dye!

We are really enthusiastic about sharing these progress and are impatient to take your feedback! Thank you to all those who have already contributed to the Pilot Program and especially in Clemence, Charles-Elie, Geoffrey, Richard, Joshua, Leo, Florent and Sébastien, you are of great help in the rapid development of our products.

See you soon on social networks and our forum!