Vitaline lance HairPower, le premier aliment complet qui lutte contre la chute des cheveux !

Vitaline launches HairPower, the first complete food that fights hair loss!

Today we are proud to present HairPower ! After realizing that no complete food existed to combat hair loss, we decided to develop it with our team of nutrition engineers.

Indeed, baldness affects almost 10 million French people1 and we are pleased to be able to provide a solution that has shown outstanding results!

In this article, we explain how we developed this new product from the Catalyst range, from the rigorous selection of active ingredients to the results of our first tests.

  1. Three active ingredients selected for their effectiveness against hair loss
  2. Exceptional results after 3 weeks of use

Three active ingredients selected for their effectiveness against hair loss

As with all Vitaline products, HairPower gets the rating of A to Nutri-Score. Its ingredients are natural and of high nutritional quality. In addition to being complete, our formula is effective in fighting hair loss thanks to 3 active ingredients :

  • The extracts of romain reactivate hair growth. They stimulate cell division, which promotes the regeneration of hair follicles.
  • Brewer's yeast accelerates the synthesis of hair. It contains many B vitamins and amino acids that are very useful at the time of the synthesis of the various constitutional proteins of the hair. For example, brewer's yeast is rich in vitamin B6, which activates the production of cysteine, an amino acid in a very large proportion in keratin.
  • These two active ingredients, although already effective, did not meet all our requirements. Indeed, how to awaken cells that have not produced hair follicles for several years? To answer this problem we have developed the Vitapoxin® ! After several years of research, we patented this molecule extracted from a plant of the asteraceae. Its peculiarity is toact directly on the stem cells of the scalp. Quickly, the cells begin to produce follicles again and therefore hair!

Exceptional results after 3 weeks of use

After 3 weeks of consuming HairPower the results are already visible. The recommended intake is 2 to 4 bottles per week, depending on the progress of your baldness. Our test sample of male volunteers showed results beyond our expectations!

Out of 100 men who tested our bottles at the rate of 4 bottles per week, 85 saw a real difference : 78% of inactive bulbs have been reactivated on their skulls!

We hope that our HairPower solution will allow you to find your hair of yesteryear! As with every new product launch as part of our Pilot Program, we are waiting for your feedback on our forum : what effects are you seeing? After how many takes? Your feedback helps us improve the formulation of our products and helps to advance nutrition!


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