Recover, la meilleure alimentation post-sport

Recover, the best post-sport power supply

In the catalyst family, we present you Vitaline Recover, our newborn!

We announced you in our Roadmap 2018The Catalyst range is designed to optimize your body capabilities for specific uses.

After Vitaline Ignite, the pre-sport meal to boost your performances, we launch vitaline recover, the post-sport meal To help you better recover and promote muscle reconstruction.

What is the difference with the many sports recovery products on the market? We will explain everything to you !

  1. Why "still" a post-sport product? What differences with existing solutions?
  2. Nutritional values: an optimized formulation for the needs of athletes after the effort
  3. Technical excellence, taste in adjustment

Vitaline recover beet apple

Why "still" a post-sport product? What differences with existing solutions?

Full nutrition with recover vs. limited products, which fulfill a single goal

In order to optimize recovery, it is advisable to consume more proteins and more post sport carbohydrates. But fibers and lipids are also essential for body functioning. Vitaline Recover is a complete food, not a complement: we adjust the balances, while keeping all the macro-nutrients.

Recovery products on the market are generally unbalanced and incomplete : 

  • Some products provide only carbohydrates to recharge glycogen stocks
  • Some products bring only proteins to promote muscle synthesis
  • In general, they do not contain enough lipids, fibers, vitamins and minerals 

Most of these products also contain artificial additives and aromas ... In short, they are not always very healthy.

Unlike these products, Vitaline Recover is a complete and healthy nutrition, which has been optimized for the needs of athletes after the effort:

  • recover
  • promote muscle reconstruction
  • Reduce muscle fatigue and pain (aches).

Ignite + Recover = The winning combo!

Ignite and Recover are two complementary products that together bring you the top of sport nutrition in a combo before afterwards, without the need to add anything.

As shown in the diagram below, the regular consumption of recover greatly improves recovery, which makes it possible to be more efficient during the following training, itself boosted by taking an ingite just before the effort .

Vitaline comparison Ignite Recover

Ignite is ideally consumed 30 minutes before a sports session. Recover is consumed just after the effort.

Nutritional values ​​to recover: an optimized formulation for the needs of athletes after the effort

Recharge its stocks in energy after an intense effort

Recover is loaded in carbohydrates To recharge glycogen stocks, exhausted after a sports session. This makes it possible to supply energy to the body during the hours that follow, and to prepare it for its next training.

Facilitate muscle recovery

Part of the protein Muscle is degraded by the effort, so it must be renewed to allow the muscle to recover. The needs vary depending on the nature of the effort. Recover contains 26 g of protein: it is a "middle medium" which represents a balance between the important need of the muscles that are constructed and the kidneys that suffer in case of excess protein.

In the table below, you will see the protein needs by types of sport and how Vitaline Recover responds:

Vitaline Protein Recapitulative Recover

Recover is a full meal, so it also contains lipids and fibersBut in smaller amounts than in Vitaline Daily: 10.8 g lipid (which covers 15.5% of VNR) and 8 g of fiber.

We lose a lot of vitamins and of minerals during a workout: one part is used, and the other is lost through perspiration. Vitaline Recover is a source of sodium, magnesium, potassium (> 15% of VNR) and is rich in calcium and chlorine (> 30% of VNR). Recover is also a source of vitamins B2, B3, B6, B9 and vitamin E. It is rich in vitamins B1, B5, B8, B12 and vitamin C.

Vitamins and minerals to Vitaline Recover Apple Beet:

Vitaline minerals Recover

Vitamins vitaline recover

Promote muscle reconstruction

The BCAA are essential amino acids, they account for a third of the muscle and are the first amino acids used in muscle reconstruction. Recover vitaline contains 1.5 g of BCAA (the quantity contained in 40 g of striploin) thereby quickly promote muscle synthesisAnd thus the taking muscle. The table below shows the BCAA content of a bottle of Vitaline Recover.

BCAA Vitaline Recover

The creatine is a nonessential amino acid. Mainly present in animal products (meat, fish), we ingest on average 1 g per day, the amount contained in 200 g of beef. Creatine is involved in the muscle recovery and promotes building muscle after exercise1. A bottle of Vitaline Recover contains 1 g of creatine is an amount adapted to recharge his creatine stock (by comparison, the body produces about 1 g per day). Note: Creatine has had bad press wrongly it a few years ago, yet it has been widely proven since creatine supplementation had no adverse side effects on health.2

The citrulline has a direct effect on muscle protein synthesis. It also increases the blood flow to the muscle and reduces the accumulation of toxins (lactic acid and ammonia). In the sports world, citrulline is used to increase muscular mass and decrease cramps. A bottle of Vitaline Recover contains 2 g of citrulline malate (malate enhances the effect of the citrulline). A US intervention study published in 20073 showed the effects of 2 g of citrulline malate.

Limit post-exercise inflammation

Recover vitaline contains 1.2 g of turmeric. Turmeric contains curcumin 50%, with antioxidant properties. Turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient.4

Recover also contains 0.3 g of Acai berries (Which corresponds to 360 ORAC units)5 , Another natural anti-inflammatory. The acai berry helps to limit oxidative stress, increased by exercise, which limit cellular aging. The acai berry is also rich in vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties: Recover contains 80 mg of Vitamin C, which corresponds to more than 70% of the VNR.

What differences with Vitaline Daily?

To summarize, here is a table and diagram that highlight the properties of Vitaline Recover, compared Vitaline Daily:

Vitaline Daily Recover comparison

Macronutrient comparison Vitaline Daily Recover

The electrolytes are sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Technical excellence, taste in adjustment

Always nutritional excellence and quality Vitaline

We took the best of our existing recipes whose ingredients are as always selected for their nutritional qualities and excellent performance. You will find all our fundamental quality: digestibility, diversity of sources, content of phytonutrients and protein.

Recover Butternut onion contains more than 65% organic ingredients, and recover beet apple more than 70%. There is no aroma added in these two recipes and salt in small quantity (0.9 g per bottle on average on both products).

Two flavors as part of the Pilot Program: Butternut onion and beet apple

For this first recover version, two flavors are offered as part of the Pilot Program.

  • Recipe Butternut onion Resumes our car glucidic base of salt vitaline (buckwheat, cassava, chestnut). The Butternut and the onion bring to the recipe soft and greed.
  • Recipe Apple beet takes over the glucidic base of sweet vitaline (oats). Beet and apple give this product a nice color and tasty and tasty taste.

Their nutritional values ​​and their effects on the body are very close, only the taste changes.

Send us your feedback!

We are waiting for your returns impatient since Vitaline Recover is in Pilot Program! What effects do you find on your recovery? What do you think of taste? Do you have a preference between salty and sweet flavor? Tell us everything!

Vitaline Recover Butternut onion

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